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Rafeye is an upcoming rapper, songwriter and producer who has his sight set not on only pushing the envelope but completely stylising it to his liking. Bringing a versatile element to his sound being distinctive from his peers, Rafeye is a true creative with no boundaries who draws inspiration from a pool of genres to quilt his creation. Diversity in sound was reflected in his first released EP “Resuscitation Chapters” in 2018 where angelic tunes were switched with more rough hiphop with the track “No Retreat” clearly showing that giving up in not an option. Shortly following up on this the catchy single “Rock on” got dropped, delivering deep, emotional vocals. In early 2020 cross border collaborations emerged with tracks such as “Once upon a time in Damascus” with the Brooklyn based artist Stoney Kev getting you back to that old school hiphop vibe, and months later releasing “Ne Peut Pas M'empêcher” featuring French Godie. On November 13th new body of work got introduced dropping the highly anticipated single “100 Moves, a song about pushing boundaries and keeping your eyes open when stepping forward in life. Most recently in March 2021 the album-linked “The Law” was released catching again new waves in the industry.
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